I. staple sta‧ple 1 [ˈsteɪpl] noun [countable]
1. OFFICE a small piece of thin wire that is pushed into sheets of paper and bent over to hold them together
2. a food that is needed and used all the time:

• staples like flour and rice

3. ECONOMICS the main product that is produced in a country:

• Bananas and sugar are the staples of Jamaica.

4. COMMERCE a standard or common product:

• The Kiwi fruit quickly became a supermarket staple in the expanding section of exotic fruits.

  [m0] II. staple staple 2 verb [transitive]
to fasten things, especially sheets of paper, together with a staple:

• He stapled a batch of papers together.

  [m0] III. staple staple 3 adjective [only before a noun]
a staple food, product, activity etc is one that is basic, most important, or standard:

• Oil is Nigeria's staple export.

• These garments are now becoming a staple product of the company.

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staple UK US /ˈsteɪpl/ noun [C]
WORKPLACE a short thin piece of wire used to fasten pieces of paper together. It has sharp ends that are pushed through the paper and then bent flat by a special tool called a stapler.
ECONOMICS, COMMERCE the main product of a country, whose trade is important for the country's economy: »

Sugar has been the staple of Cuba's economy for centuries.

COMMERCE a main or important product that people eat or use regularly: food/household/supermarket staples »

The giant retailer reported strong sales of household staples like groceries.

COMMERCE a company or industry that manufactures and sells important products and services that people eat or use regularly: »

So-called safe areas in the stock market continue to be consumer staples and drug companies.


Millions of people daily use internet staples such as Google and Amazon.

a main or important part of something: »

Once a staple of men's business wardrobes, the suit is becoming more rare.

staple UK US /ˈsteɪpl/ adjective [before noun]
basic, main, or standard: »

staple crop/food/product

staple UK US /ˈsteɪpl/ verb [T] WORKPLACE
to fasten pieces of paper together using staples: staple sth to sth »

The list can then be stapled to each batch of invoices.

staple sth together »

She stapled the two documents together.

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